An entrepreneur is a person who sets up a business or a chain of business, in hope for profit from it..As an entrepreneur you need to take risks, try out new methods and you need other qualities as well. But, there is always a cheat sheet for a lot of things in the market. If not a cheat sheet, then there are surely some practices that will put you in a better spot than others around you.

Surely there is no shortcut to success. You cannot hope to achieve success overnight. You cannot hope to have everything running in your favour within a few minutes of you starting your business. Nothing is that easy, period. Because if it were that easy, everyone would be doing it. But, it is not as difficult as you think it might be. As mentioned in our numerous posts (go read them, if you haven’t already), you need to do your homework before getting into anything. You wouldn’t want to invest in a company without researching about their foundation, their ideals, their methods and their production’s profit or loss in the past year.

Entrepreneurship is vaguely similar to being a detective. How is that, you might ask. Let us break it down into basic forms to make it a little clear. What does a detective do? Solve cases? Well, entrepreneur does not solve cases, so does it make both the professions same? A detective observes various things and viewpoints in order to solve a case, that you all can accept, correct? Being an entrepreneur is same. Before starting or investing in a business, you look at various aspects like how much profit did it make or will make, what is the main objective of this business and such questions, as I mentioned earlier in this post.

We have compiled 3 Success keys for startup entrepreneurs that will help you set your feet in the business and set your record straight up in a longer run.

1.) Be passionate about your dreams

This goes without saying and should be the very first key to achieve success. If you love what you are doing, then there is no stopping it. Put your heart and soul into it, just like Eminem does into rapping. Eminem loves music, he loves rapping and he does only that and there is no arguing whether he is one of the bests or not. Do you see him running other business ventures? Do you see him doing anything else besides making music? He puts his 100% in what he does and we all should take that as an example and do the same. Put your 100% efforts into what business you are doing. If you do it half heartedly, you will never achieve what you aspire to be. So, give it all you have and just dive into it deep. Fall for it head to toe.

2.) Be patient and believe in yourself

As an entrepreneur, one other very important skill you need to have with you is “patience”. You need to have some tolerance as well. But, patience will come in handy a lot. Starting and running a business is not a child’s play for sure and it needs time as much as it needs dedication towards it. You will not gain customers overnight, you will not create a Microsoft or Apple in one day. You just can’t, period. You have to give it your all and keep working on it. There may be a time when a customer might leave and you might hit the rock bottom. It is that time which breaks a person inside out and you might even want to shut your business down. This is the time to be patient and have faith in yourself and your team, if any. Always strive to be the best. Even Eminem has bad Albums and have had a rough time. But, did he give up? Nope, because he believes in himself and you should believe in yourself as well. This point cannot be stressed enough.

3.) Walk, don’t run

Don’t take it literally– well, you can take it literally as well because it’ll help you out with your health problems. A healthy body yields a healthy mind, which in turn gives positive results in business or work. But, that is not the point we want to make here. A lot of new entrepreneurs make a very basic mistake most of the time, they try to achieve success overnight. Most of us don’t have patience and we try to hurry everything and get it done ASAP. But, that should not be the case. Just like they say “Chew properly, don’t swallow, eat properly in order to utilize food and its nutrients properly”, you should try to take one step at a time and not cover the whole ground as soon as you start walking. Every field has a thing or two to teach you and you can learn a lot from pretty much everyone and everything. So, take your time and slow down a little and don’t run.

You do need other skills to become a successful entrepreneur, but these 3 are very basic keys to become a successful entrepreneur. Read them and understand carefully and let these sink in. When you try relating these with actual life, you will see that you apply these 3 keys anywhere, in any field and in any work you want. These are the 3 universal keys to success. Love what you do, have patience and walk, don’t run!

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