Business owners mostly ask the question about the importance of a photographer at an event. Certainly, when the event is accessible to staff only, many companies do not see the importance of good events photography. Whether you are organizing a large event in Lagos that attracts a lot of audiences or holding a team-building day with a limited number of people, event photography can be a good addition to the event. So let’s take a look at the reasons why you should hire event photographers to take pictures of your event!

5 reasons for event photography:


The main reason is that it is nice for you to have a record of what happened during your event afterward. Who were there? What happened? What were details so well arranged? What food was served? You have probably spent a lot of money in order to organize your event at the beautiful location and also the details have cost a lot of money, so it’s a shame if there are no pictures of it at the end.

Reminder for your visitors

For your staff or for the visitors present, it is nice to receive pictures after the event. For them, the pictures are a nice reminder of this beautiful event. People or visitors often want to join the picture because they are just talking to someone at the moment who have not talked to them for a long time or have a great time with their best friends.

Promotion of next event

The photos of your event can also be easily used to announce your next event. You can use these photos to show how fun the previous event was, what your staff or visitors can expect and make them warm again to come back to your event.

Advertising purpose

In addition to the promotion for a next event, you can also use the pictures to advertise. For example, what about a banner in the photos with your logo so that it is clearly visible when the photos are shared? Or your visitors should resemble your facebook page or leave their email address in order to see the photos. This allows you to easily increase your reach!

Evaluation capability

Although most photographers will not immediately take pictures of things that go wrong, you can also use the photos during the event evaluation and in the preparations for your next event. What went well? Where were the bottlenecks? What should be different next time? And what should be the main thing? The photos of your event can help you with that!

Which photographer do you choose?

Now that you can see how important events photography is, the following question is which photographer you choose to photograph your event. My tips are to see if a photographer has already photographed an event as you are going to organize. We prefer to contact professional Nigeria  photographers near you. Because they know the environment and nature of light in the city. Look at the pictures that the photographer has made, because you can expect approximately the same images of your event. If you would like more information about event photography, take a look at the needmyservice page about event photography or contact us for more information.

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