Today’s blog post is going to be an interactive one. Because I don’t have all of the answers, I am going to pose some questions to you and let you fill in the blanks. I hope the answers you come up with are as eye-opening to you as it was for me.

Out of 100 employees working for a business owner, how many of them would like to make more money?

Out of 100 business owners, how many of them want to pay their employees more money?

Why does the business owner not want to pay his employees more? In Business, they teach: Revenue – Expense = Profit

Now, what are the business owner’s objective? To maximize or minimize profit?

What is the CEO’s number one responsibility? To create employee wealth?

The CEO’s number one responsibility is to create shareholder wealth, not employee wealth.

If the CEO is not creating shareholder wealth, how secure is his job?

So, we are all taught to get a good job, but what is a business’s, many times, largest expense? Payroll or employees.

Now think about yourself, when you hire people to work for you, how much do you really want to pay the people working for you? A lot or a little?

Just like you, what’s a business owner think when he writes that check if you are salaried or you are hourly? He’s thinking, “I wish this was a smaller amount.”

How many business owners are trying to lower expenses? How often are they trying to do it?

90% of people are employees and 10% of people are business owners. 90% of the people are working for 10% of the people and who’s getting rich?

How did this happen?
Well, if you go back to the 1900s, before the industrial revolution, when people came over here from Europe to America, they didn’t come over here looking for a good job. What did they come here for? Opportunity. Before 1900, everybody was basically self-employed or had their own business. Everybody worked for themselves.

But what happened during the industrial revolution? The factories and then corporate America, they all needed employees. So, then the universities started growing and people started going to college and we were taught this employee-mentality.

Think about this, how many people come out of college ready to start their business? Many people go to college and get a business degree and then come out knowing how to run somebody else’s business. They come out with the mentality of running someone else’s business, but not their own.

We must break the status quo
Today’s status quo is that we are taught to go to school, get good grades and get a good job with good benefits. This paradigm has gotten so pervasive that we have an entire generation out there of highly educated servers, waitresses, bartenders and Uber drivers who get out into the real world and can’t even pay their bills. Then what happens is the paradigm kicks back in and they might think, “Well I’ve got to go back to school, get another degree so I can get a different job.” And this way of thinking guarantees you nothing but more college loans and debt.

Like I mentioned at the beginning, I don’t have all of the answers, but I do believe that this way of thinking has got to change.

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