In many developing countries business is the path to attain economic gain. For that reason, the unemployment rate in those countries is very insufficient comparing with our country. Every day the rate of unemployment is increasing following the shortage of job in our country. But still, there is no any effective initiative to diminish the rate of unemployment.

A recent research shows that the rate of unemployment is excessive among the educated people rather than uneducated which was claimed by the “Economist Intelligence Unit”(EIU). It also added that the rate of unemployment among the educated people is approximately 47%. But the actual reason for this strange situation is still unknown to many intelligent people who are contributing to finding the ways to lessen the excessive rate.

Unemployment In Bangladesh

The massive problem arises when the people in our country despise to start a business despite failing to find a job after their graduation. Even most of the student appreciate the business as a low standard as well as they believe it can demolish their reputation in society. Most of them strongly believe that business means a grocery shop. As a result, their level of thinking remains confined in a certain boundary.

Not only students but also their family member does not appreciate the business as a good occupation. They desire a better salary job as their neighbor also doing a high salary job. As a result family members force them (children) to find a job demolishing their children’s dream.

One of the other vital reason for excessive unemployment arises when parents influence their children to choose a subject in class 9. Students may have their own preference but influencing on their preference make them unsuccessful in future.

Preference on doing a job has been a great trend for many decades. But necessary steps should be taken by the government in order to reduce the excessive unemployment rate in our country. Besides, change in human ideology can strongly contribute to reducing the rate of unemployment in our country.

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