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Many modern-day  moms face a pressing need to stay home and take full responsibility of those adorable little ones without having to worry about the dangers they are exposed to and also give them all the love they deserve. Yet they would not mind doing some business from home, to augment the family income

Here are Top 7 home-based business ideas to help pay the bills.

#1: Run A Blog

If you have always had an interest for getting your stories out there and because of your busy schedule at your last job it hasn’t been possible, starting your own blog is an opportunity to pursue that dream.

This is definitely not a get-rich-quick scheme but it could go a long way in keeping your mind busy and earning you some cash. This would help you interact with others and get exposed to their opinions which staying at home without engagement wouldn’t give you.

In order to make your blog more professional, you can take free online classes on web writing and content creation.

#2: Start A Wig Making Business

Are you passionate about weave-ons and love to get creative with making them into wigs to help people look good? Then start a wig business.

With over 50% of women passionate about looking elegant in varieties of weaves you can carve a niche for yourself by making homemade long lasting wigs and satisfying that need.

Wig making has been made easy for all as you can get videos on YouTube and professional articles on Google showing countless procedures and the materials needed for beginners.

#3: Sell Products Online

What do you think about creating an online store? You can make more sales from home by putting your designs and products online.

If you have any homemade products such as fabrics, weaves, shoes, etc. you can put them up on your website so interested customers outside your locality can make purchases.

The world is now a global village, buying and selling has been made easy for everyone. So seize the opportunity and invest in yourself and expand your business.

#4: Freelance Writing

There is a huge demand for content and so there are a lot of ways to make money writing it. If you have a passion for writing and generating contents, reach out to blogs, website and companies in need of a writer and ask to work for them.

Being a freelance writer doesn’t just bring money your way but also helps get your story out there. There is a high demand for information, so feed on that and carve a niche for yourself.  Pick a sector you are good at and make a living out of it as a freelance writer.

#5: Herb Farming

With the increased demand for locally grown and organic foods, a herb farmer can find plenty of customers, particularly if you are in an urban area.

You can start up a business at home where people can patronize you for herbs and other products from your small garden or farm.

#6: Personal Stylist

You have an eye for fabrics and know what styles look best on what body types. So turn your passion for fashion into a business by becoming a personal stylist/shopper.

You will feel good about making others look great.

#7: Baking Business

You can start a home-based business by baking beautifully decorated cakes for all occasions.

All you need do is get the necessary materials ready, find out from your clients what type, size and design they want for their cakes and then begin production.

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