Loyalty programs are ways to incentivise your customers and make them feel privileged. To show that you value their custom and to make sure that they keep coming at your door repeatedly you must implement a program with a dash of creativity. Every attempt that you make to reward your customers ought to be personalized and relevant, notable and genuine. Only then you can assure that the manifestation of gratitude has hit success.

Show customers how much you value them by acting on any of these outstanding rewarding ideas and win them for a lifetime.


The main driving force behind a successful customer loyalty program includes understanding, segregating, personalizing and optimizing. Firstly, know your customers’ actions and segment them on the basis of their consumption and shopping activities. Consolidate your billing software with loyalty software to examine customer’s activities in detail. On the basis of this create customized offers and publicize them to various customers, based on their gender, age, profession etc. Offer your customer with something that they really want.


Provide your customers with a plastic swipe card, bonus card or an advantage card. On the basis of every purchase, they make reward them with points that can be stored in the card and can be redeemed anytime later. Make the point-based loyalty reward program smooth and simple. State clearly on how those points can be exchanged for rewards. But what if the customer forgets to bring his/her loyalty card along? In this case, allow them to use their mobile number for identification and make the process hassle-free.


While gifts are constructive, experiences and vacations are memorable. Though they are more of an exorbitant reward, you can allow customers to redeem their points for an experience which will differentiate your program and make you stand out in the crowd! This will easily get your customers to talk about your program to others.


Another creative way to reward your customers and to get them to talk about your loyalty program is by offering them Aspirational Rewards. These are highly sought after, top-tier brand products or experiences that costs ridiculously high amount of points. Offering such rewards for redemption options will build a high-value impression of your program. Customers will continue to earn points in hope of redeeming it one day for earning that one large prize.


Thank visitors who frequently visit you by greeting them on special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries etc. Through this acknowledgment, you will develop an emotional relationship with your loyal customers at a personal level which will trigger positive responses when they visit you next time. Make sure that the greetings are sincere and hearty with a personalized subject line. Maintain a CRM system to automate the greeting campaign.


Entice customers by offering them discounts or free gifts after they reach a definite spending target. For example, 20% discounts off on their next purchase if they spend 5000 INR. Limited time offers are the best way to ensure that customers keep coming back to you regularly for prompt purchases. Customers will remain loyal to you by force if you offer something unexpected, but valuable.


By adding a high-tier scheme to your program, you are challenging customers to reach the top tier and acquire exclusive benefits. There are few high-value customers that contribute a big proportion to your sales, revenue, and profits. Build a top-tier scheme for those customers and offer them with special benefits that make them different from the regular ones. Make them feel privileged by giving them trials for new products before anyone else or allow them to access special deals and new announcements.

While loyalty programs are an effective modern marketing tool, they need to be planned with goals and a purpose in mind in order to be successful. The success of your loyalty program is majorly determined by repeated customers. Implement any of the above suggestions to create an exceptional reward scheme that will keep you ahead in the modern marketing race.

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