It is true that women have come a long way with over 2 million Women Entrepreneurs in Nigeria! But , when we have a closer look, it is just 13.76% of the total entrepreneurs.Why is this share very little? It is because we hardly understand the significance of economic independence of women. It is a must to realize that Real Women Empowerment is through their Economic Independence.

Every Woman is an Entrepreneur if she realizes her Inner Strength!

  • I believe every woman has immense potential within her. Then such talents waste their time in sitting idle and watching TV serials or getting depressed over little things.
  • Before we derive to a conclusion, we must first find the cause – Why women end up with such a lifestyle? It is because of their family commitment , regular working hours doesn’t suit them. It is this , which makes even educated,working women to abandon their career in due course of time.
  • Ultimately , they get caught in the vicious circle of economic dependency on their earning family member. This economic dependency builds in an insecure feel, lowers their confidence and shrinks their freedom. Finally they lose their personality and their life becomes filled up with only compromises. It is not just a negativity to the woman herself, but to her family and the entire society as well.
  • On the other hand, when a woman is economically empowered, she reveals her true personality. She becomes an independent Decision Maker , a Role Model to her children, family and to the entire society.
  • Transforming women into perfect citizens:Only such an empowered woman shall raise voice , take part in policy making and become an active contributor to the society.

It is this change which will empower women; It is this change which will empower our Nation and our Entire World.

It shall be proved true when Empowerment,Qualification and Transparency comes in line, Quotas or Reservation becomes insignificant.


  • Do you have an amazing idea but not a penny to get it implemented?Are you facing an uphill task to meet out your working capital?Feeling difficult to find a one stop business solution?Is your family not rendering proper support?
  • Not to worry! You are not alone! Every entrepreneur, especially first generation female entrepreneur faces this.
  • HOLD ONTO YOUR GOAL TILL THE END: Your passion towards your goal is the only driving force.
  • GET INTO A TEAM: Alone You can do so little! Together You can! Join any Women Entrepreneur Association.When you meet like-minded people, you shall get the hope.
  • DON’T HESITATE TO ASK FOR HELP: Take mentorship and guidance from experts, friends.
  • BELIEVE IN SELF: It is this belief system which shall decide your success or failure.
  • EXPERIENCES ARE YOUR ONLY GUIDANCE: Learn from every experience.Make a note of it.Maintain a Diary of Mistakes.Never Repeat the same mistake.This is your key to success.
  • Read Success Stories of Successful Women Entrepreneurs.This perk you up when you are down.

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