Social selling is when social media is used to sell directly to the consumers. Social media helps in increasing brand visibility and direct interaction with the prospects. Such selling practice reduces the steps in the sales cycle making it a more efficient sales practice. Quality content can help in effective brand advocacy marketing and selling.

Josh Zerkel, Evernote says,

“When it comes to sales and marketing, I think it’s helpful to make sure there’s an open channel of communication so that collaboration can occur.”

Advocacy marketing is an efficient tool to keep employees emotionally connected and target the appropriate audience to promote the brand content on social media. As Kristin Kaufman – the founder of Alignment, a leading business coaching and consulting house has rightly said, “Success comes from within.”

Employees who are already a part of your organization can boost your market visibility with minimal efforts. Here’s how employee advocacy marketing can increase your profit:

1. Cost Effective Social Visibility

Social media is being leveraged to find the right prospects, build a trust and ultimately achieve sales goals. Such a sales technique generates better leads and shortens the sales cycles. According to Statista, social media marketing budgets have doubled in the past two years from $16 billion in 2014 to $31 billion in 2016. Though organizations are investing huge amounts in social media marketing, it returns is still a worry. Employee Advocacy platforms can help organizations share a brand message for free instead of paid methods.

2. Reduced Cost of Engagement

Research has shown that disengaged employees in the Nigeria. add approximately N350 billion worth of lost productivity per year. Engaged employees consider their workplace an opportunity rather than an obligation. Employees who are disengaged need to be motivated always to perform. Employee Advocacy programs can provide more engagement opportunities by making employees as ambassadors to promote the brand. It creates a feeling of belongingness among employees.

3. Larger Brand Visibility

The content shared by them builds more trust and authenticity. It also results in generating quicker impact with cheaper engagement over mass-branding and bulk-marketing activities. By engaging employees to amplify the content, an organization can boost their brand visibility across social media channels at a lower cost. Thus, optimizing the returns on investment of the social media marketing.

Engaged employees are incredibly valuable to an organization. Engaging them on social media will not only boost your brand presence but ensure a positive work environment. It helps in reducing social media expenses but amplifies the social reach of your organization. With greater social reach social selling becomes more efficient. You can generate more relevant leads and meet your sales goals.

We can help you enhance the efficiency of your employee’s social reach to not only boost your brand visibility but also help your recruit employees and generate organic leads.
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